how to clear the conveyor
The chain plate production line equipment is clean and convenient, and the line body can directly flush the surface of the equipment with water (but it should be noted that the power part and the control part can not be cleaned with water, so as to avoid damage to internal components, electric shock, accidents.) To achieve the service life of the equipment Maximum value, maintenance and maintenance are the key. In general, the motor of the power section needs to be replaced in a timely manner for about one year to ensure that the motor is in an optimal operating state and the internal loss is reduced. After the equipment of the chain plate production line is used, it is necessary to turn off the power in a timely manner and clean the surface of the equipment for a period of time. 

When the equipment needs to be maintained, it should be maintained by professional equipment personnel, and non-related personnel should not perform it in order to avoid unnecessary economic losses and safety accidents. When the equipment fails, it must not be blindly inspected and repaired. Professional engineering personnel should be allowed to perform inspection and maintenance.

During the operation of the conveyor, the chain plate production line suffers from a variety of different nature and volume of the cutting effect, living in a very complex stress conditions.

 The most typical destruction methods of the chain plate production line are: abrasion of the working surface layer and the edge; being affected by the impact of large blocks of ore rock to cause breakdown, tearing, and shedding; the core undergoes reversed bending of the piccolo and the idler group to induce fatigue; In the context of background media effects, the cued intensity indicators are reduced and aging and so on.

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