What is assembly line
Assembly line
Assembly line is also called assembly line conveyor. An industrial production method means that each production unit only focuses on the processing of a certain fragment to improve work efficiency and output. According to the assembly line, it can be roughly divided into: belt assembly line and Chain plate, double speed chain, plug-in line, mesh belt line, suspension line and roller conveyor line these seven types of lines. It generally consists of traction elements, load bearing members, drive devices, tensioners, redirection devices, and support elements. The pipeline has high expandability and can be designed according to the needs of the delivery volume, conveying speed, assembly station, auxiliary components (including quick connectors, fans, lights, sockets, crafts,console, 24V power supply, wind batch, etc. 
The assembly line is an effective combination of man and machine, which fully reflects the flexibility of the equipment, and it combines the organic combination of the delivery system, accompanying fixtures, on-line special machines, and testing equipment to meet the requirements for the transportation of various product types. With synchronous transmission (forced) or non-synchronous transmission (flexible), according to the choice of configuration, assembly and transport requirements can be achieved.The transport line is indispensable for the mass production of enterprises.

In 1769, the Englishman Josiah Wedgewood set up the Etruscan ceramics factory and implemented a fine division of labor on the site. He divided the original pottery process completed by one person into dozens of specialized processes. Respectively by the person to complete. In this way, the “potters” in the original sense ceased to exist. What existed was that diggers, mason, earth-workers, and blank makers turned potters into potters’ workers. They must press A fixed work rhythm and labor are subject to unified labor management.
(According to the above information, it can be clearly seen that Wedgwood's working methods can be fully defined as “pipelines.” Another is that Henry Ford invented the assembly line process, which is obviously inaccurate, because Henry Ford Born in 1863 and lived more than ninety years, nearly a century later.

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