What the advantge, feature of the assembly line
The advantages of assembly line or conveyor 
1. Integrate production process, can arrange a variety of workstations on the assembly line to meet production needs;
2. High scalability, can design the assembly line that meets the product production demand according to the factory's demand;
3. Saving factory production costs can save the number of production workers to a certain extent, achieve a certain degree of automated production, with little investment in the early stage and a high return rate.

Assembly line feature
1. The degree of professionalism in the workplace is high.
2. The process is closed, the work place is arranged in the order of the process, and the labor object makes one-way movement between processes
3. The processing time of each process is the same as the proportion of the number of workplaces in each process.
4. Each process is produced according to a uniform beat. The so-called beat refers to the time interval between the production of two adjacent products.

Assembly line system
According to whether the production object moves, it can be divided into fixed flow production line and mobile flow production line.
According to the number of production varieties, it can be divided into single-type production line and multi-type production line.
According to the continuous degree of production, it can be divided into continuous flow production line and intermittent flow production line.
According to the method of realizing rhythm, it can be divided into forced beat water production line and free beat water production line.
According to the degree of mechanization, it can be divided into three types of hand-made, mechanized and automated production lines.

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