How to choose the chain conveyor?

The chain conveyor has flexible conveying mode, large bearing capacity, long service life and conveying various shapes of materials. It consists of driving tensioning device, chain plate body and electric control system. Widely used in various industries such as electronic products, food, home appliances, beverages, automobiles and medical care. When selecting the chain conveyor line, we must consider many factors and determine some main parameters, so that manufacturers can design according to the actual needs of customers. Chain plate line.

According to the type of conveying product selection: according to the actual situation of the factory, which type of chain conveyor is used. If it is a large electromechanical industry such as automobile, motorcycle, home appliance (television, washing machine, refrigerator), it is necessary to choose heavy chain. Plate conveyor, if it is food, beverage, electronics, electrical appliances, etc., choose a light chain line.
Determine the conveying direction: According to different conveying directions, you can choose linear chain conveyor, climbing chain conveyor, turning chain conveyor, working desktop chain conveyor, vertical chain conveyor, curved chain conveyor, Accumulate chain conveyors, etc.
Determine the basic parameters of the line body: such as width, height, pitch, length, conveying speed, load bearing of the conveyor, etc. Only normal width, height and length can guarantee safe transportation. The chain conveyor has a width of 500 mm to 1800 mm, a height of <1500 mm, and a length of <30000 mm.
Details: If the requirements of the material of the chain plate, in general, the material of the chain plate is PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene), ACETAL (acetal). NYLON (nylon), stainless steel, etc. There is also a requirement for the material of the chain conveyor frame. Under normal circumstances, the material of the frame is high-strength aluminum alloy profile, carbon steel plate bending, carbon steel channel steel, stainless steel.
Optional parts: If you need a tooling board, fixtures, etc. In short, the chain conveyor has low cost, simple structure, high conveying speed, stable performance, easy installation and maintenance, and is the first choice for small and medium-sized enterprise assembly lines.
The chain conveyor should be matched with the main equipment, but also suitable for personnel walking, product transportation, and beautiful scenery. Therefore, when designing the chain conveyor, it must be measured on site, and the chain conveyor should be designed according to the equipment layout and environment. .

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