What is the features of the flexible conveyor? (1)
The flexible conveyor is similar to our ordinary roller, mesh belt and belt conveyor. It also has its own flexible screw machine, flexible hoist, flexible gripper and other conveying forms.

The power source of the flexible conveying series products usually comes from the motor that drives the head end. The flexible equipment will have much less sound than the ordinary conveying equipment during the conveying process. Because the flexible series products are rich and varied, they are easy to install, can be transported in a straight line, and can also be turned and conveyed. Flexible for environments that many other devices cannot adapt to.

Of course, it is low in operating cost and convenient to install and maintain. It is also a highly flexible and controllable device, and is one of the important reasons why most buyers prefer it.

For the first time, the flexible equipment should be fixed according to its operating environment. After the commissioning operation is confirmed, it will be put into use after normal operation. (The flexible equipment usually has rigid requirements before leaving the factory: four hours of uninterrupted operation, observe whether the motor, chain plate, etc. meet Standard) flexible conveyor line can not transport gas, powder products, as for bottled, boxed, bagged, there is no problem at all, even in the case of holding equipment, flexibility will be superior to ordinary conveyor

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