What is conveyor equipment?

Conveyor equipment is a material handling machine that continuously transports materials on a certain line, also known as continuous conveyor equipment. The conveyor equipment can be transported horizontally, obliquely and vertically, or it can form a space conveyor line, which is generally fixed.

The classification of conveyor:

The universal belt conveyor equipment consists of conveyor belts, rollers, rollers and devices for driving, braking, tensioning, reversing, loading, unloading and cleaning.

1. conveyor belt

Commonly used are rubber belts and plastic belts. The rubber band is suitable for working environment temperature between -15 ~ 40 °C. The material temperature does not exceed 50 °C. The upward spread of the bulk material is 12° to 24°. A patterned rubber band can be used for large angles of transport. The plastic belt has the advantages of oil resistance, acid and alkali, but has poor adaptability to the weather, and is easy to slip and age. Bandwidth is the main technical parameter of belt conveyor equipment.

2. roller

The single drum (the angle of the tape to the drum is 210 ° ~ 230 °), the double drum (wrapping angle of 350 °) and the multi-roller (for high power). There are grooved idlers, flat rollers, self-aligning rollers, and cushion rollers. The trough-shaped idler (consisting of 2 to 5 rollers) supports the bearing branch for conveying the loose material; the self-aligning roller is used to adjust the lateral position of the belt to avoid the deviation; the buffer roller is installed at the receiving position to Reduce the impact of the material on the belt.

3. rollers

The drive roller and the reverse roller are divided. The drive roller is the main component that transmits power. The single drum (the angle of the tape to the drum is 210 ° ~ 230 °), the double drum (wrapping angle of 350 °) and the multi-roller (for high power).

4. tensioning device

Its function is to bring the conveyor belt to the necessary tension to avoid slipping on the drive roller and to ensure that the deflection of the conveyor belt between the rollers is within the specified range.

Conveyor equipment can be divided into: according to the operation mode: 

1: belt conveyor equipment 

2: screw conveyor equipment 

3: bucket elevator

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