Analysis of the disassembly details of the flexible chain
The flexible chain is an important equipment in the conveying system and is an indispensable part for the conveyor. Therefore, the flexible chain needs to be disassembled for maintenance and maintenance after a period of use. Since it is said that disassembly, there must be some demolition skills. Understand the disassembly skills in order to complete the chain removal safely and smoothly. The following we will introduce a few points about the disassembly of the flexible chain. I hope everyone can keep it in mind.

1. Turn the flexion of the flexible chain so that the piston is at the compression top dead center position, aligning the timing marks on the camshaft and the crankshaft sprocket. There are two timing marks on the camshaft sprocket, one is the timing mark when the first piston is at the top dead center, the valve and the exhaust valve are both in the closed position, and the second is when the second piston is at the top dead center. The timing mark, the valve and the exhaust valve are in the closed position. Be sure to find out where the pistons of the first few cylinders are at compression top dead center.

2. Remove the bolts on the camshaft sprocket and remove the timing chain and camshaft sprocket.

3. Install the timing flexible chain on the camshaft sprocket, fix the sprocket, suspend the chain, and align the timing marks on the camshaft and the crankshaft sprocket. Align the locating pin holes on the sprocket with the locating pin holes on the camshaft and attach the sprocket to the camshaft. The camshaft sprocket bolt tightening torque is 20N.

4. Turn the crankshaft two turns to check if the engine timing marks are aligned. If the timing marks are not aligned, follow the steps above to perform the flexible chain removal operation again.

With the rapid development of the industry, the use of flexible chains is becoming more widespread, more people are exposed to and understand the flexible chain, but its disassembly and use skills need to be carefully remembered by every staff member. Correct operation and use can ensure the stable operation of the equipment, making the work efficiency more stable and efficient.

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