What is the types and specific characteristics of flexible conveyor frames
The flexible conveyor frame is a steel structure that withstands rollers, rollers, conveyor belts, materials, and some cleaning devices and tensioning devices, and can withstand impact, tensile, compression, and bending stresses.

Flexible conveyor frames are available in both steel and flexible. The rigid frame can be used as a fixed and mobile frame, while the flexible frame main beam supports the roller, conveyor belt and material with wire rope, and the frame of the drive must be rigid.

According to different materials, it can be divided into:
(1) Steel structure frame. Use steel (such as channel steel, angle steel, I-beam) or special-shaped pipe steel.
(2) Steel pipe frame. The frame can be welded on the steel pipe. As a long-distance line, the ordinary seamless steel pipe can also be used as a frame; the steel pipe can be transported with water and oil, etc.
(3) Concrete frame. The vertical round tube belt conveyor frame made of concrete can reduce the maintenance work of rust removal, and the installation is convenient. The fixed long distance flexible conveyor is commonly used in this method. Both the nose and the tailstock can be prefabricated, and the bearing mounting holes are left.
(4) FRP rack. It has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance and light weight, and is particularly suitable for transportation environments such as sea salt fields, mines, and chemical salt plants. Compared with the same weight, the price is slightly higher than that of steel, but considering the anti-rust cost of steel, the two are equal and have a large space for use.

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