The relationship between gear sealing and lubrication in a toothed chain
In the process of using the toothed chain, the sealing and lubrication of the gear is an important consideration. If the handling is not good, the gear of the toothed chain may be prematurely invalidated. Therefore, we are considering the sealing and lubrication of the toothed chain

      At present, the sealing method of the sprocket assembly can be divided into the following types:

       1. Rotary oil seal seal This seal is easy to realize, simple in structure and processing, convenient in disassembly and assembly, and low in cost. The disadvantage is poor sealing ability and low service life. Therefore, most of them are applied to small scraper conveyor equipment.

       2, floating seal floating seal has a high sealing performance. Long service life and other advantages. Widely used in scraper sprocket assemblies. At present, most of the domestic use of two types of floating seals: 0-ring type and rectangular (diamond) ring type. 0-ring floating seal with automatic centering. Adapt to occasions with large angular deviations. The rectangular (diamond) ring type floating seal is insensitive to axial deviation. The sealing cavity is simple and easy to process and assemble. Both types of floating seals require: the quality of the rubber ring is stable, especially the elasticity is excellent, and has good adaptability; for the iron ring, the flatness of the bright band is required to be high, and the wear resistance and heat resistance are good.

       3, labyrinth, felt ring, dust ring auxiliary seal labyrinth, felt ring, dust ring is a necessary auxiliary link, in the case of space allows to actively arrange. This promotes the sealing of the sprocket assembly. In fact, the main idea of ​​sealing and dustproof should be: dust is worse than dust. If you can use a good structure to avoid the location of the polluted environment such as coal dust. It will do more with less.

       The above is the relationship between the sealing and lubrication of the toothed chain gear.

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