What to pay attention to when choosing a chain conveyor
The chain conveyor is divided into four categories: chain plate machine, hanging chain machine, mesh belt machine and plug-in machine. Which type of material is used for material transportation, you should first understand what kind of materials need to be transported, and then choose according to the nature of the materials. .
The chain plate conveyor can be used for the single-column transportation requirements of food and beverage labeling, filling, cleaning and other equipment. It can also make the single column into multiple columns and run slowly in parallel to generate storage capacity to meet the sterilization machine, storage bottle table and cold bottle machine. Large supply requirements;
The suspension chain is a three-dimensional closed-loop continuous conveying system, which is suitable for the automatic conveying of the articles in the workshop and between the workshops;
The mesh belt conveys a plastic hinge pin extending over the entire width of the conveyor belt, and the injection molded mesh belt is assembled into an interlocking unit, which effectively increases the strength of the conveyor belt and can be assembled into any desired width and length;
The plug-in wire conveying device is very suitable for the flow operation of the electronic substrate, the rails can be adjusted, and various substrates are suspended and flowed.
Secondly, the user should select and design according to the size and angle of the production site. The general user only needs to provide the corresponding data, and the manufacturer can determine the design according to the data provided by the user.
Then choose the chain conveyor mainly depends on the quality and price. Good quality directly determines the service life and efficiency of the conveyor, and also determines its cost. Generally, high-quality products are very good in the choice of raw materials for manufacturing materials, of course, the cost will naturally increase.

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