How is the state of the stainless steel chain plate conveying items adjusted?

Stainless steel chain plate is one of the indispensable equipments in the transportation industry. Its ultra-high performance has been widely recognized by users. Stainless steel chain plates need to be properly adjusted when transporting goods, because stainless steel chain plates are manufactured according to their different conditions. The process makes it have different expansion coefficients. In addition, when different materials are welded together, there is a possibility of thermal fatigue. When the ambient temperature exceeds 400 ° C, the expansion between the whole machine causes intermittent reduction, which should also be fully considered. So we need to choose the right material when we choose:

    When selecting stainless steel chain plates, different widths and shapes are usually selected according to the needs of the product to complete the requirements of plane conveying, plane turning, lifting and lowering. In application, we can make the stainless steel chain plates parallel, so that the conveyor can be made wide and form a differential speed. By using the speed difference of the multi-row stainless steel chain plates, the multi-row conveying can be changed into a single row conveying without pressing, thereby satisfying the beverage. The requirements for single-column transportation of labeling, filling, cleaning, etc., can also make a single column into multiple columns and walk slowly, thus generating storage capacity, meeting the requirements of large supply of sterilization machine, storage table and cold bottle machine. We can make the head and tail of the two stainless steel chain conveyors into overlapping mixed chains so that the bottle (can) body is in a dynamic excessive state, so that no material remains on the conveyor line, which can satisfy the empty bottle and the actual bottle pressure and no Pressure delivery.

    The state of the stainless steel chain plate when transporting the goods should be properly adjusted according to the needs, so as to fully exert its conveying performance and effectively improve our work efficiency. Everyone must operate correctly according to the above information during operation.

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