Talking about the Accounting and Transportation Speed of the Chain Conveyor
Before buying a chain conveyor, you must first know the output value of your product, and then select the appropriate chain conveyor according to your production value. When selecting the conveyor volume of the chain conveyor, you must choose the type that is larger than the delivery value. How to calculate the conveyor volume of the chain conveyor?
    The method of calculating the conveyor capacity of the chain conveyor is: density × volume × speed / hour, so that the hourly delivery volume, and then multiplied by the working time is the total delivery volume, calculate the delivery volume and then combine its own output value You can pick the right chain conveyor. Because the speed of the chain conveyor can be adjusted, it is often calculated that the delivery volume is 1.2 times the selected output value.
    Ask the speed of the chain conveyor to see what type of chain conveyor, first of all, the chain conveyor: chain conveyor, gear chain conveyor, flat top chain conveyor, different chains Plate conveyor, conveyor speeds vary widely. The conveyor speed of the chain chain conveyor is 0-15 m/min; the speed of the gear chain conveyor is 0-8 m/min; the speed of the flat top chain conveyor is 0-30 m/min. Another point is that the conveyor speed of the chain conveyor is also related to the turning, straight travel, and transport length.
    In the industrial conveying process, the use rate of the chain conveyor is getting higher and higher, and it is most appropriate to select a hinged chain conveyor in the transportation process of some small materials. According to the structural performance of the chain conveyor, the normal conveying speed should be controlled at 0-15 m/min. If the perceived conveying power is low, it is best to increase the width of the chain conveyor. Consider the conveying speed. If the conveying speed of the chain conveyor is too fast, the precision ratio of the chain and the gear is very high. When the material is placed unevenly, the chain is jumped and the loss is formed.
    With the development of the chain conveyors, the degree of advancement of the chain conveyors is also increasing, because the types of industry-diversified chain conveyors in the market are also increasing. In the future, the advanced local performance of the new chain conveyor will be in many aspects. Firstly, the planning and appearance of the chain conveyor can be matched with the imported equipment to reach the beautiful and generous; and the conveyor system of the chain conveyor is all Inductive automatic conditioning; and the control of the upper chain conveyor uses a wireless remote control cabinet to achieve long-distance, barrier-free operation.

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