How to solve the problem of noise or oscillation caused by the belt conveyor?
The mesh belt conveying equipment is a conveying device using a metal mesh belt as a conveyor belt. Its strength is high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and permeability, thereby clarifying the transportation of the belt conveyor equipment in the food and industrial fields, such as cleaning and quick freezing. The process is most suitable. At present, vegetable processing, fruit processing and metal parts cleaning are inseparable from the belt conveyor equipment.
    Since the belt conveyor equipment is a sophisticated product, people often neglect to investigate and maintain it during operation. When the belt conveyor equipment presents noise or oscillation, many people do not process it in time, resulting in greater damage.
    When the mesh belt conveying equipment presents noise or oscillation, first investigate the smooth condition, then check the progress of the conditioning sheet, investigate whether there are cracks on both sides of the mesh belt, check whether the mesh belt and the chain are installed or not, and check the fastening or welding local. Whether there is open welding. Any of these phenomena will form a loud noise or oscillation. If the phenomenon is not corrected in time, the mesh belt conveying equipment will be further damaged or the motor will be burned. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the cause and repair it in time when noise or oscillation occurs.
    After the mesh belt conveying equipment is used for a period of time, there will be dirt attached to the mesh belt, and there may be a small volume of material stuck in the middle of the mesh belt. In this case, the belt belt conveying equipment must be cleaned. Especially in the drying environment and cleaning environment, it is necessary to clean in time.
    There are two ways to clean the mesh belt conveying equipment. One is spray cleaning, which is to spray the solution containing the cleaning component on the mesh belt for cleaning. This method is suitable for the whole machine is all stainless steel structure, and vice versa. The other is to remove the conveyor belt from the conveyor and heat it in the tank or manually. Regarding the small materials in the mesh belt sandwich, one is cleaned with an air compressor, and the other is manually removed.
    As a widely used mesh belt conveying equipment, it is really convenient to operate, cheap, and long life, but the service life of any conveying equipment is proportional to the operating time, and the belt conveyor equipment is not an exception. The normal loss of the mesh belt conveying equipment is the mesh belt. It will inevitably be deformed with the conflict with the material. The mesh belt conveying equipment will replace the first time when the deformation of the mesh belt is severe, cracking and open welding. The mesh belt is the most appropriate time, otherwise it will damage the belt conveyor equipment more severely and form a rated loss.

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