Plastic chains are widely used in which industries?
Because machinery makes people's lives have changed a lot, it is more convenient. As a new material, plastic chains are used in many industries and have excellent results. However, there are still many people who don't understand. Today, I will tell you about which industries are widely used in plastic chains.

1: The application of conveyor plastic chains in the photovoltaic industry. The plastic chain is an ideal conveyor belt on the photovoltaic laminating machine. The plastic chain has the characteristics of good wear resistance, good smoothness coefficient, not easy to shake, and no deviation. Just these characteristics have the requirements that the formal laminating machine must meet.

2: Application of plastic chain on the washing machine. Generally, the cleaning machine is very demanding. Generally, the cleaning liquid has certain chemical composition. The conveying chain must be resistant to corrosion and acid and alkali. However, the plastic chain has this feature. The plastic chain produced by PP material has acid and alkali resistance. The characteristics of high temperature resistance, so the plastic chain is not afraid to be transported in such a cleaning liquid.

3: The application of POM plastic chains in the microwave industry. Everyone knows that the microwave industry must require that the conveyor chain not absorb waves and be able to withstand high temperatures. The plastic chain produced by Magic Speed ​​is injection molded with special secret materials, which can not only withstand the high temperature of nearly 200 degrees, but also not easy to absorb. The plastic chain produced by Magic Speed ​​has been used in the microwave industry for many years. It has been proved that the plastic chain we produce has good stability in the microwave industry and is an ideal choice for the microwave industry.

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