The Advantages of plastic hoppers
The hopper is actually a very common food vertical conveyor accessory, and is divided into different types according to different materials, such as plastic hopper, nylon hopper and so on. Although there are many types of hoppers, plastic hoppers are very popular, and many people are very confused about the reasons for the popularity of plastic hoppers. Here is a brief introduction to the advantages of plastic buckets.

1. Good wear resistance, service life is higher than steel hopper, and wear is one of the main failure modes of the hopper. Today's plastic hoppers attach great importance to this problem. In the formulation of raw materials, there are unique wear-resistant ingredients, qualified products produced by professional manufacturers, and also passed the test of local quality supervision and inspection stations and issued test reports. The wear resistance of a good plastic hopper can reach 7500 of A3 steel. Since the thickness of plastic hopper is generally 3 times that of steel bucket, theoretically, the service life of bucket hoist plastic hopper should be 2 of steel hopper. More than double.

2, good flexibility, does not damage the particulate material, plastic hopper due to its unique flexibility, can greatly reduce the damage rate of the material being lifted. Especially in rice processing plants, it is often necessary to upgrade a lot. Therefore, the broken rice produced by the hoist has a considerable proportion in the whole rice milling process. In the aspect of raw grain shredding, the hopper of plastic hopper is corrosion-resistant and has good low temperature, especially suitable for damp, cold and warm environment and intermittent use.

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