What is the law of choosing a chain sprocket?
The choice of the chain first selects the geared motor. It is necessary to understand the power demand, the load and the weight, and the transmission speed according to these to select the conveyor chain. Once the chain is selected, we can make the sprocket. In the chain drive design, the average number of even links corresponds to the number of odd sprocket teeth, which can achieve uniform wear and increase the service life.

    The general rule of choice for chain sprocket:

    1. In chain chain transmission, the larger the pitch, the greater the bearing capacity and the greater the dynamic load.

    2. The larger the sprocket pitch, the smaller the number of teeth, the greater the chain speed change.

    3, the choice of sprocket and chain is to be calculated, the average speed of the chain V = z1n1p / 60 * 1000 = z2n2p / 60 * 1000

    The higher the speed of the conveyor sprocket, the larger the pitch and the smaller the number of teeth, the greater the dynamic load of the transmission.

    The number of teeth of the sprocket is in the range of 17≤Z≤120

    The above is how to choose the chain sprocket that suits you. According to the above, you can make a sprocket chain that suits you.

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