How to diagnose the failure of the conveyor belt system of the turning modular belt?
    The turning mesh belt conveyor system is a transportation system consisting of personnel, turning mesh belt conveyor and working environment. The personnel are important components of the system. Under normal circumstances, we can be divided into human cause failure, machine cause failure, external cause failure, etc. according to the direct cause of the failure. A failure caused mainly by personnel responsibility is called a human cause failure.

    Turning modular belt conveyors can be divided into three categories due to faults. Curved modular belt conveyors. Type 1 human-cause failure is the management responsibility of production management and equipment management personnel. If the overloaded production causes equipment overload, spare parts supply is not timely, the maintenance time is too long, and the equipment manufacturer's service is not in place. The proportion of failures in management responsibility is about 10% of the human failure.

    Flexible modular belt conveyor The second type of human-cause failure is the maintenance and repair personnel's overhaul responsibility failure, such as "overhaul is not in place", "the inspection class has poor quality, the machine head is buried", etc. About 28% of the failure. Turning mesh belt conveyor The third type of human fault is the operator's responsibility fault, such as "the driver is not operating properly", "the belt is pulled when the load is full", etc., such faults are more, accounting for about 60% of the human fault about.

    When the turning belt conveyor fails, the first thing we need to do is to analyze what is the fault, and then deal with it. The longest fault in the turning belt conveyor is the deviation and the belt break. If it is deviation, adjust it directly. That's it, if the belt breaks, replace the belt. Let me introduce to you the belt replacement process of the conveyor belt conveyor.

    1) Clamp the head of the conveyor belt with the fixed clamping plate, pull the wire rope and the clamp on the belt changing device to the head of the conveyor belt of the turning belt, and make the upper end of the old tape fixed by the accessory fixture provided by the belt changing device;

    2) The old mesh belt is disconnected from the tail of the conveyor belt of the turning mesh belt, wherein the down interface is easily connected with the new mesh belt;

   3) Start the up or down button on the remote control or electrical control box panel, and drag the replaced mesh belt and the new mesh belt pulled by the lower part;

    4) Continue to repeat step 1.

    5) Start the up or down button on the remote control or electrical control box panel, and drag the replaced network belt and the new network belt pulled by the lower part until all the old network belts are replaced and the new network belt is replaced. Complete the process of changing tapes.

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