The outer chain plate design of the chain
    An outer link plate assembled on a chain, forming a waist portion of an inner arc at an upper end and a lower end at the center thereof, and having circular arc-shaped end portions on both sides of the waist portion, respectively providing perforations on each end portion.

    The feature is: waist portion. The upper left corner and the lower right corner each form an inclined surface of the everted, and at the waist near the vertical line of the center of the plate is a leg portion that is not everted and maintains the original flatness and thickness of the plate body.

   The assembly chain has a good and stable abutting position when shifting, so as to avoid the chain slipping and returning to the original track, and the inclined surface offset makes the plate body easy to slide into the corresponding tooth during shifting, so that the shifting is smooth. Without it, there will be a delay.

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