What are the characteristics of the plastic modular chain and belt?
    The plastic mesh belt is a kind of chain plate made of engineering plastics. It is also a kind of modular mesh belt which is intertwined in the manner of interlocking or bricklaying, and both are long pins. Assembled together, in this design, the strength of the conveyor belt can be improved. Let's take a closer look at the following.

    The baffles and side panels can also be interlocked with hinge pins to become one of the integral components of the conveyor belt. Plastic mesh belts are available in various forms, flexible in assembly and easy to replace. The plastic chain plate is made of engineering plastic and is connected by stainless steel pin shaft. Compared with the steel chain plate, it has the advantages of light weight and low noise.

    Easy to install, light weight and low noise. Smooth operation, self-lubrication, and reduced delivery power. Widely used in: drinking water, beverages, beer, food packaging machinery, pharmaceutical, canning, quick-freezing, seafood, vegetable cleaning and other industries on the transmission machinery and equipment, used as standard parts. The plastic mesh belt conveyor is a revolution of the traditional belt conveyor. It overcomes the difficulty of maintenance of the belt conveyor, and the belt is easy to be torn, puncture and corroded. It provides customers with a safe, fast and easy maintenance. The mode of delivery. Long service life in acid and alkali resistance and harsh environments.

    Since such conveyors use modular plastic conveyor belts, and the transmission method is driven by a conveyor sprocket, the conveyor belt is not easy to snake and skew, and because the belt can withstand the characteristics of cutting, collision, oil resistance and water resistance, When used in various industries, it will not cause any troubles in maintenance, especially in replacing the conveyor belt. Plastic mesh belt features: Modular plastic conveyor belt chain overcomes the pollution problem, and is integrally molded with plastic materials that meet hygienic standards. There are no capillary holes and gaps in the structure.

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