The five major factors affecting the price of the redirection drum

The five major factors affecting the price of the redirection drum:

First, reversing the roller bearing: the price difference between the genuine Hawalo bearing and the poor quality small factory bearing is several times. The quality of the bearing directly determines the life of the drum.

Second, change the wall thickness of the drum: the domestic general board should consider the difference, the actual thickness of the 8mm steel plate is only 7.2mm. The user requested to change the wall thickness of the drum to 8mm. We need to purchase 10mm steel plate for the feeding to ensure the thickness of the reaming cylinder is 8mm or more after the processing.

Third, change the drum roller shaft: the whole solid shaft and the medium indirect tube shaft, the price is very large. The quality of the take-up shaft is poor and it is a cut-off.

The fourth structure: redirection of the connection between the drum shaft and the barrel, the direct welding connection and the connection of the hub bushing have a large difference in cost, the quality of the direct welding is too poor, and the redirecting roller is easy to break the shaft from the welding.

Fifth Concentricity: After the redirection of the drum is completed, the outer circumference of the cylinder surface is machined to ensure the concentricity of the shaft and the cylinder.

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