2018 Annual Symposium of Guangzhou HongJiang Automation Equipment Co.Ltd.

Time: 2018-02-08
Summary: The theme of annual meeting is : gratitude , hand in hand and win-win.
2018 Annual Symposium of Guangzhou Hongjiang Automation Equipment Co.Ltd.
Looking back 2017 : We have achieved excellent results!
Looking forward 2018 : We  are confident!
 3rd Feb 2018
The staff of our Hongjiang gather together.
The brilliant performance of yesterday's celebration and the good future of the company.
Here I wish all my friends success, happiness, wealth in new year of the dog and all the best!
We have set up two major Honors: merit awards and contribution awards to thank and commend our former employees' contribution to the company.
Chinese New Year's first song 《spring flower》
The charm of China.
Games in the meeting.
Whose luck is good.
The most lovely working people.
This year, the efforts will be made, and the celebration dinner will be put forward next year.

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