Food grade plastic mesh belt manufacturers, the stock is guarantee lightning delivery

publisher: Guangzhou Hongjiang
Time: 2018-10-23
Summary: Food grade plastic mesh belt manufacturers, the stock is guarantee lightning delivery

Guangzhou Hongjiang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in food grade plastic mesh belt manufacturers, food grade plastic mesh belt manufacturers. Guangzhou Hongjiang specializes in the production of food grade plastic mesh belts and food conveyor belts. 

The modular mesh belt consists of plastic modules. The belts are interlaced in an interlocking or brickwork manner and assembled by a full length pin. This design radically increases the strength of the belt. The baffles and side panels can also be interlocked with hinge pins to become one of the integral components of the conveyor belt. Applicable to pig, sheep, chicken, duck slaughter and slitting processing, puffed food production line, fruit grading, packaging line, aquatic product processing production line, frozen food production line, battery manufacturing production, beverage manufacturing, can making industry, agricultural processing industry, chemical industry , electronics industry, rubber and plastics production industry, cosmetics industry, general transportation operations. 

The company uses a number of advanced equipment, skilled production technology, reasonable product prices, high-performance production to provide customers with a sincere service guarantee, customer satisfaction is our goal of the goal: the use of imported computer network belt machine production The mesh surface is tough and durable, and is not easily deformed. The biggest feature is the excellent cornering performance, which can achieve a 180 degree turn and run smoothly. It has a flat surface and can carry heavy pressure and tension. 

The ventilation and ventilation performance is good, the mesh surface is clean and non-toxic, and it is easy to clean. Standard color: white, blue, certified: in line with ISO food grade standards, mainly for the transport of frozen food, fish, meat and molded articles. This net chain has the characteristics of light weight, low noise, corrosion resistance and long service life! Meets ISO food grade standards.

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